After years of battling a health issue, I realized that the only way I could live better was to take a hard look at my food choices and make meaningful  improvements. I began studying nutrition and following the research of giants in the wellness industry. I came to the conclusion that  we can all benefit from reevaluating the quantity and quality of our sugar and grain intake. I also genuinely felt that there had to be a way to reach our wellness goals while still being able to enjoy the foods that make us smile!

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After years of experimenting with my own recipes, Dream Cookies was born. Dream Cookies offers delicious and fresh bakery style cookies that are made to meet your wellness needs. So what does that mean? All of our cookies are completely sugar-free, gluten-free,  grain-free, and keto-friendly! Each flavor also has a special blend of superfood ingredients, without compromising the incredible taste and texture. We found a way to offer all of this goodness for 2-4 G net carbs per cookie! We have all dreamed of a cookie like this, and I am happy to say that those dreams are finally a reality!

~ Ugo, Head Baker and Founder